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TVUMe is a groundbreaking new IP video marketplace that enables broadcasters to discover and purchase live or recorded video content from other broadcasters, freelancers and independent production crews from around the world. TVUMe enables users to sell and trade recorded video content and sell live video streams in a simple interface. Additionally, production crews can use the TVUMe service to list production services and equipment for future booking, giving broadcasters access to professional video crews around the globe with the click of a button.

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Deliver Past, Present and Future Video Content to Broadcast Organizations

Broadcasters that leverage the revolutionary new TVUMe marketplace can dramatically expand their ability to deliver past, present and future video content to audiences with the click of a button. The TVUMe interface gives broadcasters a simple means to search for, download and rebroadcast previously recorded video clips, find live streams of breaking news and events, and identify and book production crews and photographers for upcoming events. By using TVUMe’s interactive map feature, broadcasters can search for content via geographical location and purchase live video content from camera crews already shooting on-location for time and location sensitive breaking news events. TVUMe allows broadcasters to purchase pre-recorded content from an online marketplace to which any broadcaster, production service, or freelancer can contribute.


Connect Content Creators With Broadcast Organizations for Real Time Video Streaming

TVUMe contributors can use the free to download TVU Anywhere app, TVU’s powerful live transmission app for iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices, to instantly stream live video to the TVUMe marketplace. TVU Anywhere aggregates the available bandwidth from cellular and WiFi connections to ensure a resilient transmission and deliver a superior picture. Its simple interface allows users to stream live video instantly from the device to the TVUMe service or directly to the production facility. As part of the integration with TVU Anywhere, TVUMe has introduced a new messaging function that enables broadcasters to communicate directly with the user in real time. The real time interaction between the news station and the camera crew enables broadcasters to manage the photographer much like they do their own news crews, providing directions that enable the onsite camera crew to adjust the shot as it unfolds.


With the messaging function, news stations and broadcasters can either put out a public bulletin requesting the services of cameramen in a specific city or chat privately with local cameramen to provide specific directions for the shot that needs to be captured.


Connect Production Crews With Broadcasters Around the Globe

TVUMe’s interactive booking service gives broadcast organizations greater access to professional freelance video production crews to ensure they can capture and transmit live coverage of future events without dedicating added resources to capture the shot. TVUMe gives broadcasters the opportunity to review feedback and previous work from production crews and independent freelancers connected to the service, to better ensure success.

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