Access Secure and Reliable High-Speed Broadband On The Go With TVU Router

Wish you could have the speed and dependability of an Ethernet connection out in the field? TVU Router is designed to provide high bandwidth Internet connectivity, up to 120Mbps, and/or private network access on the move. With TVU Router, you can now transfer and receive files, stream video and search the web from your laptop or mobile device wherever you are using a high speed, reliable and secure bi-directional data connection.

TVU Router incorporates TVU’s proprietary Inverse StatMux Plus or IS+ technology. IS+ is an IP technology that’s used to provide a high bandwidth IP connection by aggregating and maximizing multiple cellular, WiFi, Satellite, Microwave and even BGAN connections for data transmission. Moreover, TVU Router optimizes data flow through either a Cloud based TVU Cloud Gateway or TVU Private Network Gateway.



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